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15870Hulks on British Concession bund in Hankow19061906-1907

16127H and B Godowns in Hankow (汉口)1911

17935Hankow House, The Bund, Hankow1920

17936Hankow House, Hankow1920

17951Holts Godowns, Hankow1920

17952Holts Godowns, Hankow1920

17953Holts Chinese Quarters, Hankow1902

19103Hankow city and the Yangtze1923

19108Hankow bund1923

19120Hankow bund1923

19674Hankow bund1920

19675Hankow bund1920

19676Hankow bund and the Customs House1920



19815Hankow bund and the Customs House1933

19816Hulk and lighters, Hankow1933



20123Hunting party picnic, Hankow19071907

20330Hankow Races, 1911-191219111911-1912

20331Hankow Races, 1911-191219111911-1912

20332Han River, Hankow19111911-1912

20333Han River, Hankow19111911-1912

20334Han River, Hankow19111911-1912

20599Hankow from the Yangtze River, 192919291929

22397Hankow, c.191519001900-1920

23529High water19301930s

31208Hankow Volunteer Corps (汉口英国义勇队)1910-1920

31209Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马场)1910-1920

31210Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马场)1910-1920

31211Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马场)1910-1920

31212Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马场)1910-1920

31256Hubei Provincial Silk Filature Bureau (湖北缫丝官局), Wuchang (武昌)1910-1920

31292Hankow Volunteer Corps(汉口英国义勇队), Hankow1910-1920

31293Hankow Volunteer Corps(汉口英国义勇队), Hankow1910-1920

31294Hankow Volunteer Corps(汉口英国义勇队), Hupeh Road, Hankow1910-1920

31295Hankow Volunteer Corps (汉口英国义勇队), Hankow1910-1920

31308Houses and/or shops on fire, at night, Hankow1916

31310Holt House and Yokohama Specie Bank, Bund, Hankow1910-1920

31311Holt House, Hankow1910-1920
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