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15534'Ngankin' at Hankow1906

15846Butterfield and Swire property, Wuchang (武昌)1906

15847Tea loading place in Wuchang (武昌)1906

15848'Kian' loading tea at Wuchang (武昌)1906

15849Loading tea onto the 'Kian' at Wuchang (武昌)1906

15860Butterfield and Swire frontage on the Yangtze River, Hankow1906

15865Loading goods at Butterfield and Swire hulks, Hankow1906

15866By the Yangtze in Hankow (double exposure)1906

15867Loading goods at Butterfield and Swire hulks in Hankow1906

16124Butterfield and Swire hulk 'Ameer' on the bund in Hankow1911

16125Butterfield and Swire frontage on the Hankow Bund1911

16126Butterfield and Swire Godown 4, Hankow Bund1911

16127H and B Godowns in Hankow (汉口)1911

16128'Shasi' (沙市) with anchor pontoon in Hankow (汉口)1911

16129'Formosa' and 'Luen Yi' at Hankow (汉口)1911

16130Steamer ‘Priam’ in Hankow (汉口)1911

16131Alfred Holt House, The Bund, Hankow (汉口)1911

17830The steam tug 'Taikoo' at Hankow

17831The steam tug 'Taikoo' at Hankow1919

17834Taikoo Lighter at Hankow on the Yangtze River1919

17835Taikoo Lighters on Yangtze River1919

17933A Hankow tug1920

17934A Hankow tug towing boats1920

17935Hankow House, The Bund, Hankow1920

17936Hankow House, Hankow1920

17937China Navigation Company frontage by the Yangtze River in Hankow1920

17939Frontage of China Navigation Company in Hankow1920

17940Frontage of China Navigation Company in Hankow1920

17941Steamship 'Shashi' at Hankow1920

17942Junks and a steamship at China Navigation Company berth in Hankow1920

17943Steamships at China Navigation Company's berths, Hankow1920

17944Back of Butterfield and Swire's office, Hankow1920

17945Butterfield and Swire Chinese Quarters, Hankow1920

17946Warehouse construction in Hankow in 19201920

17947Warehouse construction in Hankow1920

17948Warehouse construction, Hankow1920

17949Back of Holts House, Hankow1920

17950Front of Holt's House, Hankow1920

17951Holts Godowns, Hankow1920

17952Holts Godowns, Hankow1920

17953Holts Chinese Quarters, Hankow1902

19103Hankow city and the Yangtze1923

19104Swire building and Customs House, Hankow1923

19105Warehouses in Hankow1923

19107Steamship 'Tungting' (洞庭) in Hankow1923

19108Hankow bund1923

19109Swire property in Hankow1923

19110Porters in Hankow1923

19111Swire warehouse, Hankow1923

19112Butterfield and Swire warehouse, Hankow1923

19113Warehouses behind Custom House, Hankow1923

19114Warehouses and yard, Hankow1923

19115Warehouse, Hankow1923

19116Warehouse, Hankow1923

19117Workers carrying cargo, Hankow1923

19118Loading goods, Hankow1923

19119Butterfield and Swire hulks on the Yangtze at Hankow1923

19120Hankow bund1923

19121Steamship on Yangtze at Hankow1923

19122Steamship on Yangtze at Hankow1923
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