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15868Yangtze river with Butterfield and Swire hulk and junks, Hankow19061906-1907

19679Yangtze river bank in Hankow1920

19117Workers carrying cargo, Hankow1923

31218Woman leading a racehorse, Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31258Warehouses, Hankow (汉口)1910-1920

31260Warehouses, Hankow (汉口)1910-1920

19127Warehouses, Hankow1923

19105Warehouses in Hankow1923

19113Warehouses behind Custom House, Hankow1923

19114Warehouses and yard, Hankow1923

19115Warehouse, Hankow1923

19116Warehouse, Hankow1923

17948Warehouse construction, Hankow1920

17946Warehouse construction in Hankow in 19201920

17947Warehouse construction in Hankow1920

20600Unloading at Hankow on the Yangtze River,192919291929

31215Two rank line formation, Hankow1910-1920

31217Two horses, Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

20598The Yangtze below Hankow19291929

17830The steam tug 'Taikoo' at Hankow

17831The steam tug 'Taikoo' at Hankow1919

19683The river, Hankow1920

31239The Mafoos' Race, Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

15872The frontage of China Navigation Company on the Yangtze, Hankow19061906-1907

15873The frontage of China Navigation Company by the Yangtze in Hankow19061906-1907

22400The Bund, Hankow19001900-1920

15847Tea loading place in Wuchang (武昌)1906

17835Taikoo Lighters on Yangtze River1919

17834Taikoo Lighter at Hankow on the Yangtze River1919

19111Swire warehouse, Hankow1923

19109Swire property in Hankow1923

19104Swire building and Customs House, Hankow1923

15863Sultan and Formosa, Hankow (汉口) 19061906-1907

31249Studio portrait of a womanMay 1917

31250Studio portrait of a womanMay 1917

31251Studio portrait of a womanMay 1917

19814Street beside the Yangtze, Hankow1933

19678Storage unit, Hankow1920

19980Steamships including 'Tungting' (洞庭) at Hankow1906

17943Steamships at China Navigation Company's berths, Hankow1920

19121Steamship on Yangtze at Hankow1923

19122Steamship on Yangtze at Hankow1923

19981Steamship 'Tungting' (洞庭) unloading at Hankow1906

19107Steamship 'Tungting' (洞庭) in Hankow1923

19130Steamship 'Sinkiang' (新疆) in Hankow1923

17941Steamship 'Shashi' at Hankow1920

23499Steamers at Hankow (汉口)19201920 -1930

16130Steamer ‘Priam’ in Hankow (汉口)1911

31304Steam roller beside a paint store, Hankow1916

31309Standing by a corpse, Hankow1916

15862Sintai, Hankow (汉口)19061906-1907

31264Sikh policeman, Hankow Bund (汉口外滩)1910-1920

30092Sande Li(三德里)Tuesday 15 March 2011

29556Sand bag shelteroctober 1938

20124Sailing boat moored by the Yangtze, Hankow19071907

30091Russian ConcessionThursday 1 December 2011

19979Riverside at Hankow1906

31241Racehorses, Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31216Racehorse and jockey, Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31245Racegoers at the Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920
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