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29556Sand bag shelteroctober 1938

29571Closing the Gates in October 1938october 1938

29572Barbed wire and sand bags , october 1938october 1938

29573Barbed wire,october 1938october 1938

29566Japanese concert in the cercle gaulois, november 1938november 1938

20020Construction of the Canton-Hankow railway linec.1910-1930

29549French volonteers in 19381938

29552Closing the Gates in October 19381938

29553Closing the Gates in October 19381938

29554Closing the Gates in October 19381938

29555Closing the Gates in October 19381938

30023Porters outside the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, the Bund, Hankow1938

23529High water19301930s

20598The Yangtze below Hankow19291929

20599Hankow from the Yangtze River, 192919291929

20600Unloading at Hankow on the Yangtze River,192919291929

31312Cricketers, Hankow1920-1930

31314At the Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1920-1930

31315Cricket team, including members of the Hankow Volunteer Corp(汉口英国义勇队), Hankow1920-1930

31316Cricket team, Hankow1920-1930

31317Cricketers, includes members of the Hankow Volunteer Corp(汉口英国义勇队), Hankow1920-1930

23499Steamers at Hankow (汉口)19201920 -1930

30651Damaged buildings, Hankow1916

31296Covered corpse on a pavement, Hankow1916

31297Bodies on a shopping street, Hankow1916

31298Chinese soldiers beside a level crossing and among ruins, Hankow1916

31299Foreign and Chinese soldiers beside fallen telegraph pole, Hankow1916

31300Partially destroyed shopping street, Hankow1916

31301Bodies on a shopping street, Hankow1916

31302Chinese soldiers walking among ruins, Hankow1916

31303Busy damaged shopping street, Hankow1916

31304Steam roller beside a paint store, Hankow1916

31305A corpse on the pavement, Hankow1916

31306A woman grieves, beside a dead man, Hankow1916

31307People sifting through debris and rubble, Hankow1916

31308Houses and/or shops on fire, at night, Hankow1916

31309Standing by a corpse, Hankow1916

20326Japanese Concession, Hankow19111911-1912

20327German and Russian Concessions, Hankow19111911-1912

20328German and Russian Concessions, Hankow19111911-1912

20329German and Russian Concessions, Hankow19111911-1912

20330Hankow Races, 1911-191219111911-1912

20331Hankow Races, 1911-191219111911-1912

20332Han River, Hankow19111911-1912

20333Han River, Hankow19111911-1912

20334Han River, Hankow19111911-1912

31208Hankow Volunteer Corps (汉口英国义勇队)1910-1920

31209Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马场)1910-1920

31210Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马场)1910-1920

31211Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马场)1910-1920

31212Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马场)1910-1920

31213Military parade, Hankow1910-1920

31214Military group, Hankow1910-1920

31215Two rank line formation, Hankow1910-1920

31216Racehorse and jockey, Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31217Two horses, Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31218Woman leading a racehorse, Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31219Grooms leading racehorses, Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会1910-1920

31220At the Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31221At the Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920
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