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20329German and Russian Concessions, Hankow19111911-1912

20330Hankow Races, 1911-191219111911-1912

20331Hankow Races, 1911-191219111911-1912

20332Han River, Hankow19111911-1912

20333Han River, Hankow19111911-1912

20334Han River, Hankow19111911-1912

20598The Yangtze below Hankow19291929

20599Hankow from the Yangtze River, 192919291929

20600Unloading at Hankow on the Yangtze River,192919291929

20668Construction site, Hankow, 19201920

20839Group in Hankow, 1934March 1934

20840Passengers and cargo on Yangtze steamerMarch 1934

22397Hankow, c.191519001900-1920

22400The Bund, Hankow19001900-1920

23499Steamers at Hankow (汉口)19201920 -1930

23529High water19301930s

29549French volonteers in 19381938

29551Corporal Trouillet

29552Closing the Gates in October 19381938

29553Closing the Gates in October 19381938

29554Closing the Gates in October 19381938

29555Closing the Gates in October 19381938

29556Sand bag shelteroctober 1938

29564Japanese Troops in Front of the Gate of the French Concession

29565Japanese army outside the French concession

29566Japanese concert in the cercle gaulois, november 1938november 1938

29570Japanese troops in front of Dazhimen railway station

29571Closing the Gates in October 1938october 1938

29572Barbed wire and sand bags , october 1938october 1938

29573Barbed wire,october 1938october 1938

29574Closing the Gates in October 1938

29575Protection of the French Concession

30023Porters outside the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, the Bund, Hankow1938

30090Kids playing

30091Russian ConcessionThursday 1 December 2011

30092Sande Li(三德里)Tuesday 15 March 2011

30093Jianghan hotel main entrance(江汉饭店·原:德明饭店)Wednesday 18 April 2007

30094Jianghan hotel roof(江汉饭店·原:德明饭店)Monday 10 January 2011

30097Jianghan hotel's interior(江汉饭店·原:德明饭店)Monday 9 April 2007

30098Jianghan hotel's interior(江汉饭店·原:德明饭店)Monday 9 April 2007

30099Jianghan Hotel side (江汉饭店·原德明饭店)Sunday 25 November 2012

30651Damaged buildings, Hankow1916

31208Hankow Volunteer Corps (汉口英国义勇队)1910-1920

31209Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马场)1910-1920

31210Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马场)1910-1920

31211Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马场)1910-1920

31212Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马场)1910-1920

31213Military parade, Hankow1910-1920

31214Military group, Hankow1910-1920

31215Two rank line formation, Hankow1910-1920

31216Racehorse and jockey, Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31217Two horses, Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31218Woman leading a racehorse, Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31219Grooms leading racehorses, Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会1910-1920

31220At the Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31221At the Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31222At the Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31223At the Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31224At the Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920

31225At the Hankow Race Club (汉口赛马会)1910-1920
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